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3 December 2016
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Why won’t my back pain go away? Many a times’ people will go to an anti-inflammatory or pain killer solution for this. What you need to remember is that over the counter drugs, and even prescription drugs are simply masking the problem, they are not dealing with the cause.  Removing the pain or inflammation will make you feel better in the short term; however it does not remove the reason and cause why your back pain won’t go away.

We all see fancy adverts on TV showing how such medicine works, however I hate to break it to you but the Panadol or neurofen you are taking is not a little red fuzzy ball that moves around your body to get to the source of the problem.

Many times your body will build up a resilience against certain medication, which is why it becomes less effective and is the reason why you continue to ask yourself why won’t my back pain go away.

Our Clinic offers a process to help detect and treat the possible cause of your back pain. An initial consultation that goes for approx. 30 minutes is used to see if we can properly identify the reason your experiencing back pain, and we can let you know whether we can help or not

In addition, by using a natural approach to helping your back heal you are also decreasing the chance of damage to either your liver or stomach by not taking such medications, and research shows that Chiropractic is 250 times safer than using such medication.

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