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Experiencing more aches and pains than you’d like? Our myotherapy team at the Malvern clinic could provide just the relief you need.

Signature Wellbeing Malvern are dedicated, highly-experienced myotherapists ready to help patients of all ages and conditions. Our personalised treatment plans are tailored to your needs and will get you feeling 100% again.

Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of patients achieve dramatic reductions in their symptoms thanks to myotherapy, helping to lead more active, pain free lives.

How can a myotherapy session can help with overall health?

We’re glad you asked. If you have no idea what a myotherapist does, you can think of them as a sports massage therapist but with more training and techniques in their toolbox.

Myotherapy is a type of physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement caused by muscle or myofascia dysfunction. The myofascia are thin, fibrous sheets of tissue surrounding and separating your muscles. Your ligaments and tendons are comprised of bundled myofascia.

Your problems could be the result of a previous sports injury, over-training or over-loading of muscle groups, poor posture, or just general wear and tear of daily life.

Myotherapists use specialised massage techniques, stretching techniques, cupping and dry needling to treat the problems you present with. It can help with many issues such as:

Deep chronic aching

Muscle tightness and stiffness

Sore spots in the muscle (known as ‘trigger points’)

Reduced joint mobility

Stiff joints


Recurrent tingling or ‘pins and needles’ sensation

Tiredness and sleep problems

You won’t need a referral from a doctor to make an appointment with a myotherapist at the Signature Wellbeing clinic.

Myotherapy with Signature Wellbeing Malvern

During your initial consultation we will perform a thorough physical examination and ask about your current symptoms, including any previous conditions. This will help determine the best treatment approach to get you feeling great again.

Our passionate myotherapists have experience treating professional athletes, including players from the AFL, NBL, Super Rugby and A-League. In addition, our team has extensive training and degrees outside of myotherapy in performance training, fitness and sports science.

We take a holistic, caring approach to your health, providing advice on exercise, nutrition and general wellbeing, to not only get you pain free but enhance your day-to-day life.

To ensure you receive the treatment you’re after, we also have both male and female practitioners available for myotherapy in Malvern.

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