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Signature Wellbeing is your number one choice when looking for a Chiropractor or Myotherapist in Malvern, Armadale, Glen Iris and Caulfield.

Chiropractor and Health Coach


Our Mission is to provide the best care for you, with a process used that will enable the best results for any problem you have. All our therapist conduct initial consultations, to help determine the problem you present with. It may be a bad back, headaches, shoulder pain or just feeling tired and run down.
What ever your presenting issue is we know that we can take the best care of you, assess your current problems you have and advise of the best approach to get a solution for you

Signature Wellbeing has been taking care of Back pain suffers, Stress heads, athletes and everything in between since 2010.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality care for those in our community of Malvern seeking a Chiropractor or Myotherapist. Our Central location makes it great for people living in surrounding areas of Caulfield, Armadale and Malvern to see our great Chiropractor and Myotherapist team.

All our practitioners have amazing reviews on white coat with a 5 star rating and the most ratings for Chiropractors in Malvern on Australia’s most comprehensive health professional website.

Guarantees are hard in health care, and we don’t know If we can or can not help you until we conduct a thorough assessment, however what we can guarantee is you will be treated with the most upmost respect, with your needs being meet as we assess every person’s case individually and look at improving not only your short term needs(back pain, headaches, sleep problems) but ensure that long term your spine, and health is going to support the lifestyle you live, whatever that may be.

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Practitioner Bios

Dr Craig Skicko – Malvern Chiropractor

  1. App Sc(Comp Med Chiro)
  2. Clin Chiro

Looking for the best Chiropractor in the Inner East and Inner south East of Melbourne, then Dr Craig Skicko is the Chiropractor for you. His approach to health to help people with conditions from headaches and back pain, to women with period pain and helping children from as young as a couple days old is unique. Using a combination of Chiropractic to enhance the nervous system, along with specific exercise and nutrition advice, Dr Craig Skicko might just be the guy your looking for to help your problem.

In addition to helping people in our Malvern Clinic, Dr Craig Skicko is also an associate speaker with an International group called the Wellness Champions, who provide health care talks and training for businesses.

To make an appointment with Dr Skicko click the button below or please call on 9509 3261

Peter Muribu

Adv Dip Myotherapy, Dip Remedial Massage

Looking for a great Myotherapist with an extensive knowledge of body performance. Then look no further than Peter. Peter combines his extensive training as both a Remedial Therapist, Myotherapist and Personal Trainer to get your body back in working order. From Back and neck pain, to shoulder problems and issues through your legs with your training, Peter can help you both in and out of the clinic.  Peter consults Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays. For bookings click the link below or call 9509 3261

I’m accredited as a Demartini Method Facilitator and a Results Coach.

Accredited with Dr John Demartini, world leading human potential expert, and with Australia’s leading human potential expert, Benjamin J Harvey at Authentic Education as a Results Coach.

I can help you break through barriers to success.

Some previous clients gained an increase of up to 28% in their pay after only 5 sessions; others shifted their path to doing something they love instead of having a working for the money mindset; in all cases an increase in self-confidence, and improved relationships with friends, partners and children.

I can teach you various tools to break through blocks that you’re able to apply for yourself

My unique approach of applying simple systems to discovering the heart’s desires and aligning thoughts with feelings and the image leads to rapid successful results.

I’m very empathic, and will tailor each session to your needs at every point.

I understand your need for flexibility in hours and confidentiality. I get a buzz seeing the amazing progress each client makes as we create their ideal big life picture together! I’m also an avid meditator, visualiser and somatic energy mover.

I’ll help you be the lead star in your life.

I’m based in Sydney, Australia, and have a diverse creative background in television media. With a mix of logic, intuition, creativity and sense of humour, prepare to have fun while transforming your life.

Personal development and self-transformation is my passion.

Went from a corporate job of 15 years to a complete career change in my own passion driven business; from a big family of 6 kids, have many nieces and nephews, am married, and love working with kids. I’ve spent over 17 years learning and practicing how to be a positive change agent; read books by authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Phil, and Don Ruiz, listened to mentors such as Oprah in countless interviews with experts and courageous people, human potential guru Dr John Demartini, and studied / volunteered with human potential expert, Benjamin J Harvey, Authentic Education.

  1. Deliver quality with integrity
  2. Results using problem solving skills
  3. Authenticity and connection
  4. Mindfulness and growth
  5. Leadership
  • Move people from living a mediocre half-life to a living a full life, asking for what they want, expecting more and being more of their real self.
  • Support people juggling many roles, like work, caring for elderly parents and looking after children. Help to find more balance, support, connection and joy.
  • Change limiting mindset around self-value at work and choices of jobs based on the money to being paid well doing something you love.
  • A platform for children to express themselves during difficult life experiences, including dealing with parental mental health issues as well as divorce.
  • Leave a legacy with a school or addition to school curriculum for 8 – 17 year olds to learn communication and life skills to help them have better relationships and choose a meaningful career to them.


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